AURORA PROJECT – Final local stakeholder meeting November 8, 2023

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Scientific manager Prof. Eng. Antonio Pratelli
Brief description of the purpose Urban air mobility (UAM) offers a promising opportunity to mitigate congestion in cities by bringing urban mobility into the third dimension: the airspace. AURORA aims to encourage the adoption of UAM by making it safer, more secure, eco-friendly, silent and showing its benefits for society

AURORA will develop and integrate safety-critical technologies to support autonomous flight UAMs in urban environments, focusing on emergency-related applications

Partner SealAero (capofila), European Passengers’ Federation-EPF, Robodrone, Siemens, Thales, University of Florence, University of Ghent, University of Pisa
Reference to the financing line

This project was funded under the European Union Framework Program for Research and Innovation, for the period 2021-2027, Horizon 2020 – MG-3-6-2020 Research and Innovation – Action “Towards sustainable urban air mobility” – Grant Agreement No. 101007134